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Monday, December 18, 2017

direct from studio b

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Major Tom Nisen and I met when I returned to WASK Lafayette for my 3rd tour. We'd both been banging our bongo drums around the Lafayette area for several years, but our paths never seemed to cross. We quickly became good friends.

Major Tom visited Studio B in May 2009 along with our pal Matt Carter. After a long day of driving, we just decided to let the tape roll and see what we came up with. Since this was Major Toms first venture into the online broadcast world, we let him choose the music that separates the segments. You wont find anything brilliant here. This is just 3 old friends having fun.

!!!!!!!!!! WARNING !!!!!!!!!!

This podcast contains explicit language and is not suitable for anyone under 18. Life is like that sometimes.


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+3 #1 2010-05-16 23:45
Pure freakin' genius!
It took me another week to regain my voice!
I am still suffering from PTSD after seeing 2 girls 1 cup!
Tomcast is my worst performance,eve r!
Never let Dave and Matt get you drunk
when you are fatigued! It was one of the best times that I've ever had!
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