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Monday, January 22, 2018

direct from studio b

Podcasts Mash-tastic!

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Mashups might be the coolest fad ever in pop music. Here are some of our favorites.

Set List:


Everybody's in a 7 Nation Army (backstreet boys we've got it going on, white stripes 7 nation army)
Led Snooplin by Party Ben (snoop drop it like its hot, zepplin whole lotta love)
Thunderbusters (ray parker jr ghostbusters, ac dc thunderstruck)


Kung Fu Princes (carl douglas kung fu fighting, spin doctors two princes)
Wild Lick (kiss lick it up, tone loc wild thing)
Stayin Alive in The Club (50 cent in the club, bee gees stayin alive)


Mmmm Body Rockin (hansom mmm bop, beastie boys bodyrock)
Walkin Out Your Girlfriend (avril lavigne girlfriend, unk walk it out, toni basil mickey)
Pass The Dutch Everywhere (fleetwood mac everywhere, missy elliot pass the dutch)


Queen we will rock you, outkast hey ya
Big Shot Pimpin (billy joel big shot, jayz big pimpin)
Get Ready To Call Me (blondie call me, temptations get ready)


If I Were A Free Fallin Boy dj Earwrom (tom petty free fallin, beyonce if i were a boy)
crazy little thing called rehab (queen crazy little thing called love, amy winehouse rehab)
the safety booty (men without hats the safety dance, bubba sparxxx ms new booty)


Take It Easy On Me (commodores easy, aha take on me)
More Than On Point (boston more than a feeling, house of pain on point)
Sweet Episode (dr dre the next episode guns and roses sweet child of mine)

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+8 #1 2010-03-10 02:29
I forgot how much I liked this podcast!
+6 #2 2010-03-18 10:11
Yeah, I had a really good time doing this one. We're coming up on a year, maybe we should do another one soon.
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