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Monday, February 19, 2018

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Photos WPFR - Power 103 1989-90


Fall 1989 Indiana State University Homecoming parade in Terre Haute, Indiana. l-r: Dave North, Sue Banach, Dave Sabaini, John Baughman, Bob Arnett, Chris Newton, John Lawson in the 2nd pic. Dave North, Bob Arnett, Chris Newton, John Lawson in the 1st. Our GM thought it would be a great idea if we marched in the parade with a horse and buggy. Never did figure out what message he was trying to send. On the upside, the parade ended at a bar.

The two pics at the bottom were taken at one of the endless number of parades we attended all over Southern Indiana. The red vehicle is the Thunder Truck. With 15,000 watts of power, it was kind of like a stereo that had a truck built around it.

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