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Monday, February 19, 2018

direct from studio b

Photos The Sticker Table

I had an old butcher block table that I let my son Steve use in his room. The finish was already in bad shape, so I knew the boy couldnt do a whole lot of damage to it. He sure tried though. After he moved out, I moved the table into the studio. Thought I'd get all handy and refinish it. Yeah, that idea lasted about 15 minutes when I started sanding it. Way too much work. I spied a stack of Rock 106.1 bumper stickers that I always kept handy and thought they would make an interesting cover. I put down a layer that covered the entire tabletop. Liked the way it looked and thought I'd start adding more stickers. My buddy John Rabold loved the idea and sent me his entire collection of radio bumper stickers. Over the years many other friends have contributed to the sticker table. Many thanks to everyone!

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