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Monday, February 19, 2018

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Jocks and Stations Jim Grey - WBOW - WZZQ

Jim and I worked together during my first tour at WBOW/WZZQ. We  reconnected on Facebook last year and I asked Jim if he had any audio we could post on the website. He sent me a few things from his collection along with this note: "Heres a snippet of a 1992 WBOW aircheck, and all I can say is that I'm fortunate that the bar for part-time talent was pretty low in Terre Haute. I managed to snag my "jock open" from BOW on my last day.  My original cart was bollixed somehow, the original reel was lost, so they had Ray Otis re-record my name -- and then they mixed it poorly, all distorted and crappy.  Oh well. Theres also a WZZQ check from 8/28/1994, my last shift before I moved to Indy.  We called ourselves "the Rock" by then. Jack Lawson was PD.  He was the third PD I worked for there.  The first, Mark Savage, had us more alternative during the day and active rock at night, and it got us our best ratings.  (Later, under PD Ben Jacobs) ...we dumped the hard stuff, toned down the alternative, and added some rock-leaning AC.  It was awful, and the ratings tanked.  Then Jack came and we became a straightforward new rock/classic rock station.  He had us sounding the tightest, but the ratings didn't quite reach Mark Savage levels."
You can read Jim's blog here:
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+3 #1 2011-01-03 15:59
I think its wild Jim promotes Joel Wells as the next jock, as Joel as well as Jim are friends of mine on Facebook.
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