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Monday, December 18, 2017

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Jocks and Stations Mike Couchman - WAYK-FM - Grand Rapids, MI

Mike and I hooked up on a social networking site. We honed our early friendship debating religion in a lively, but civil way. I love a good debate, and Mike won my respect by always making his point in a level-headed, common sense kind of way.

Mike began his radio career in Lansing, Michigan before moving on to Grand Rapids and Detroit in Top 40 and Country radio. Following his heart, Mike made the decision to move into Christian radio. Now working in Las Vegas, Nevada at Christian Top 40/AC KSOS, Mike also does live and voicetracked shows for stations in 11 states, from suburban LA to Bangor, Maine. And as if he werent busy enough, on the side Mike does free lance stuff for Donny Osmond's radio show.

Listen to Mikes aircheck from WAYK Grand Rapids for a stellar example of voicetracking done right.


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