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Monday, February 19, 2018

direct from studio b

Jocks and Stations Yeah, I got fired for this one...

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In 1993 I was working the night show on WCBH. The station was located in Casey, Illinois but they wanted very badly to be a Terre Haute station. They were never able to make much headway in the market, mostly because of their weak signal. You could pick it up fine in the car, but not in the house.

There was another small station down the road in Newton, WIKK that for some reason decided WCBH was their direct competition. Never really understood that, but whatever. They started talking smack about us on the air, so one night John Evans and I decided to have some fun. The night guy on WIKK  had a call in feature during the 10 o'clock hour, so we thought we'd give him a call. Poor guy walked right into it and set me up with one of the best phone pranks I ever pulled. Nothing ever would have come of it if we hadnt called the guy back and played the bit for him. He didnt crack the mic for the rest of his show. He got his panties in a bunch and called his boss, who called my boss, who ordered me write a letter of apology, which I did. "Dear Studmuffin, Sorry I caught you with your pants down. My apologies." My boss failed to see the humor and fired me. It was no big thing really. I mean come on, it was WCBH, which was 3/4 of a radio station at best. No offense to the fine folks who worked there, but I always considered 'CBH a temporary gig until I could find something better. I went straight over to B97 in Bloomington and was back on the air in less than a week. Yes, I know I was wrong. No, I wouldnt do it again. Yes, it was totally worth it.

(btw, i removed the name to avoid any embarrassment)

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+19 #1 2010-02-18 20:57
HAHAHAHA! Awesome! I haven't laughed so hard in A MONTH!
+18 #2 2010-02-18 20:58
Awesome! I Haven't laughed that hard in a month! HOOK LINE AND SINKER!
+19 #3 2010-03-07 21:10
I was working with Dave at CBH when this occured. I was driving around town when it aired. I will never forget how hard I laughed. Almost wrecked my car. I then went to the station to congratulate Dave on it and to make sure he kept the recording. Probably the best I have evre heard.
+13 #4 2010-03-16 19:22
To this day I feel guilty Dave got the ax and I didn't. We both were involved. I assume the name of the jock has been garbled so he doesn't start crying again
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