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Monday, December 18, 2017

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Jocks and Stations Steve Louizos - WAZY Z96 - Lafayette, IN

Steve and I were good friends. We started at WAZY within a couple of months of each other in late 1982. We were constantly doing things on the air that nearly cost us our jobs (and doing things off the air that nearly got us thrown in jail). Lucky for us, the ratings were on our side. When my first son was born in 1987, we named him after Steve.

Heres a clip from Steves afternoon show from the spring of 1986. You'll hear a newsbreak with JoAnn Klooz who later went to WIBC Indianapolis. We were a tight group both on and off the air. JoAnn lived in an apartment upstairs from Steve, and I lived 1 block over. We used to hold marathon Risk games on Steves back porch with what seemed like an endless rotation of players.

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You can find more pics of Steve and WAZY here in Studio B Photos.

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