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Monday, January 22, 2018

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Jocks and Stations Shawn Murphy - WTHI HI99 - Terre Haute, IN

I worked with Shawn a couple of times. He was working the overnight show on WTHI, but he also ran American Top 40 on Sunday mornings on crosstown WPFR. He just liked the music. Neither station had a problem with Shawn "moonlighting".

Outside the station, Shawn was a great guy to hang out with. He had a way of looking at things that you maybe hadnt considered. Some of it was pretty off the wall too. He could always make you laugh. Sometimes you'd just shake your head at some of the silly stuff he did. Other times it was pure brilliance.  What I liked most about Shawn was his enthusiasm on the air. No matter what was going on, Shawn always sounded like there was no place he'd rather be than right there on your radio. You could tell he loved what he was doing.

Heres a clip from his overnight show at WTHI HI-99 in Terre Haute, Indiana from around 1990.

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+3 #1 2011-02-11 18:36
I worked with Shawn Murphy as well, early 1980's.. I was wondering where he is and what he is doing today, any idea. Thanks.
+1 #2 2011-03-28 01:10
last time I checked he was working security at a Chicago area hospital
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