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Monday, February 19, 2018

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Jocks and Stations Matt Carter - WGRL The Bear - Indianapolis, IN

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Matt Carter showed up at WASK in 1997 as a part-timer who was often late.  We didnt really become friends right way. Over the next year, Matt found his footing as an air talent and became a valuable member of our team. It didnt take him long to outgrow us and he found himself a part time gig at The Bear in Indianapolis. Always up for the next challenge, Matt said goodbye to market #37 to join me in tiny, isolated Gallup, New Mexico and try to save a group of stations that had fallen on hard times. Matt and I have remained close over the years and shared many adventures. I think we're still wanted in a couple of states. He's also given me immeasurable help in building this website. Heres a clip of Matt on The Bear from January 2000.

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