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Monday, December 18, 2017

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Leopold was an interesting guy. A self proclaimed genius, and who knows, maybe he was? I only met him once. He went on vacation just before I arrived. The owner and the general manager had already decided to let him go and kind of made me the scapegoat for their decision. Thats pretty much the way things went the entire time I was there.

I was hired as Ops Manager for Millennium Media in Gallup, New Mexico in the spring of 2000. Millennium was a backward little company with an on-site owner who dabbled in every area of his 4 station group. "Micro-manage" is the phrase that comes to mind. I remember one long meeting where he wanted to debate the pros and cons of changing the KKOR slogan from 94-POINT-five to 94-DOT-five. I told him didnt matter either way until we straightened out the programming so we could attract some listeners.

After he left the station, Leopold worked in the typesetting department of the local newspaper for a couple of years. I lost track of him after that. This is what the station sounded like a few months before I got there.

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