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Monday, December 18, 2017

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Jocks and Stations Greg Michaels - WIOU - Kokomo, IN

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Greg Michaels was the Operations Manager at WIOU/WZWZ Kokomo in the late 80s. I was Music Director for the stations. Greg was a pretty good guy to work for. He had a full plate running the stations, so he left me alone to handle the music. Greg and I didnt share any adventures, though we did have a very heated phone conversation once about my latest on air stunt. I think he fired me at least twice that night.  I have fond memories of those stations and the staff. A lot of good people have worked in that building on State Road 26 over the years. Heres a clip from Gregs mid day show on 1350 WIOU shortly after they switched to Oldies in 1988.

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