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Monday, January 22, 2018

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Jocks and Stations Dave Roberts - KPRQ Q101 - Price, Utah


This gig in Price, Utah killed any chance of reconciliation with my first wife. It was early 1989. We'd been split up for a few months when the offer came to do mornings on a 100,000 watt rock station. The money was good and the cost of living was low, so we thought we'd give it a try in a new town. Unfortunately, the station owners didnt tell me they were already in financial straits. 6 weeks after I got there and 2 weeks before my wife and son were due to arrive, the station signed off for good. My wife decided she wasnt moving for any more radio gigs and I wasnt leaving radio, so we just kind of left it at that.

It also ended up being my first programming gig after the PD left the air to concentrate on sales. Not that I had any time to actually do anything before we went dark....

What I'll always remember most about Price is the bars. There wasnt much else to do, so I drank a lot.

We were notified late on a Sunday night that the station would be signing off at midnight. Former PD Dave Roberts hosted the final hour. Dave and I remained friends for many years. He's the guy who told me "Man, I've got the perfect gig for you. Its in Gallup, New Mexico". Dont know if I'll ever forgive him for that... Dave and I had a few adventures. Most seemed to involve massive amounts of alcohol.

Heres the final hour of Q101 KPRQ.

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(sorry about the chopped break at around 44 minutes. had to flip the tape over....)

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