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Monday, December 18, 2017

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Jocks and Stations Dave North - WZZQ - Terre Haute


I joined WBOW/WZZQ Terre Haute in 1991 shortly after I left WPFR. Chip Ramsey was the Program Director at WBOW. We'd known each other when when we'd both worked at WAZY in Lafayette. Before long I found myself doing the afternoon show on WBOW, a full-service AM station with lots of news, weather and sports.

The General Manager was John Ray from San Angelo, Texas. When he learned that I'd also worked in San Angelo, I kind of became his pet project. He thought I was being under-utilized on WBOW and wanted me to move down the hall to WZZQ. I believe his exact words were "We've got to get you off this milk run, son."

Shortly after that, WZZQ PD Todd Holman left for Missouri and we hired Mike Steele to run WZZQ. Mike wanted me to be the 3rd wheel on the 'ZZQ morning show with him and Debbie Hunter, but the budget wouldnt allow it. The only way we could make it happen was for me to also do the overnite show, then stick around for the morning show too. In the context of the show, my official role was sports guy and I was known as Coach Dave. I was also the "street guy" and rode around in the station van doing stunts and giving away prizes. We made a lot of noise and shook up the market a bit. We even got a half-page write up in the local paper. It actually worked out pretty well for awhile.

Heres a clip from the overnight show from June 1992.

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