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Monday, December 18, 2017

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Jocks and Stations Dave North - WBWB B-97 - Bloomington, IN

B-97 owned the Bloomington Indiana market throughout the 80s and most of the 90s. I always wanted to work there. I got the opportunity in 1994.  I was living in Terre Haute, and twice a week I'd drive an hour and 40 minutes to pull a shift on this station. THATS how bad I wanted to work there. I had another motive too. The owner of B97 also owned WAZY in my hometown of Lafayette. I figured I 'd get in at B97 and then transfer to Lafayette if the opportunity came up. Didnt work out that way though. I took a job in TV at WLFI Lafayette later that year. Thought I was going home to stay, but a few years later I got a call from a buddy in New Mexico who said "Dude, I've got the perfect gig for you....."

Hope you enjoy this clip.

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+12 #1 2010-04-07 05:13
Man I was working at KZ94.3 in Peoria at this time. Listening to those songs brought back a LOT of happy memories.
+10 #2 2010-04-07 23:32
I really liked Bloomington. I was hoping to move there, but ended up going down a different road.
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