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Monday, December 18, 2017

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Jocks and Stations Dave North & Mikey - KXTC - Gallup, NM


I was the afternoon jock on KXTC in Gallup, New Mexico until 2006. Mikey was a mentally challenged young man who was a big fan of the station. We all loved having him around. I used to let him do breaks with me here and there. He was absolutely fascinated with being on the air and dreamed of hosting his own Top 40 Countdown show. If Mikey liked something, it was in his Top 40, whether it was a song, a TV show, a car, or a chili dog. In the clip, you'll hear Mikey talk about where Ryan Seacrest ranks in his Top 40.

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BONUS: The 2nd clip contains the entire hour, commercials and all.

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(l-r: Talesia Montano, Dave North, Mikey, Fernie Otero, in front: Danny Sandoval)


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