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Monday, February 19, 2018

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Jocks and Stations Bob Vizza - WKOA K105 - Lafayette, IN

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I'm not sure he wants to take the blame, but Bob Vizza is the reason I got into radio.

In 1975, Bob was the night guy on WASK-AM in Lafayette, Indiana. I was a 13 year old kid who just got my first radio. WASK didnt play any music I liked, mostly a lot of Johnny Mathis and Frank Sinatra. I listened anyway, because I wanted to hear what Bob would say during the breaks. It didnt matter what he was talking about, Bob always sounded like he was having a great time. I knew right away I wanted to do that.

Bob and I met when I did a career paper about jobs in radio. Bob came to my junior high so I could interview him and we struck up a friendship. The first time I ever saw the inside of a radio station was when Bob invited me to sit in with him on a Sunday afternoon. A couple of years later, Bob helped me put together an audition tape for my first radio job (I got the gig!).

I had an old Cadillac convertible Bob used to love to ride around in. He always made me put the top down, even the middle of January. Our greatest adventure probably shouldnt be shared here...

Bob has recently returned to the on-air chair at WKOA, where he remains one of the most beloved radio personalities in the market. Enjoy this clip from 1998.

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