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Monday, February 19, 2018

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Jocks and Stations Blas Saucedo - KFMQ Rock 106.1 - Gallup, NM

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We called it "The Big-Ass Rock Station" and it was the best thing about Gallup, New Mexico.  After a year of beating my head against the wall at Millennium Media, I went up the street to the Clear Channel group. I started out voicetracking Saturday and Sunday mornings on their rhythmic CHR station, KXTC. A few months later, I took over the afternoon show and remained in the slot for the next 5 years.

I loved KXTC, but I really wanted to work on our rock station, Rock 106.1. I'd never worked on a station that literally assaulted your senses. Rock 106.1 was a flamethrowing, straight ahead, no frills hard rock station. Blas was the Program Director and morning guy. He also hosted our Saturday night show, The Metal. Blas totally embodied the rock lifestyle, and the station reflected it. I took over the mid day show when a staffer needed an extended leave. I remained there until 2006 when I moved to North Carolina. As a boss, he was most excellent to work for. Every time I thought maybe I'd crossed the line with a bit, Blas always encouraged me to push the envelope a little further. His attitude was, until we get a complaint from the FCC, do whatever you want.

The Metal was 2 hours of the heaviest rock tracks you were ever going to hear on radio. Blas was the host and it ran Saturday nights from 10 to midnight. Check out this clip from October 2005.

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+5 #1 2011-08-04 20:35
I work all day from 8am to 5pm listening 2 rock 106.1. Station z freakn awesome. I have one BIG Complaint Man!!! Freakn Goldie SUKS!!! I can't stand her lame ass jokes & annoyn laugh. Man lady just play the music don't want 2 hear your topic. I consider myself hardcore fan of Metal since 1984. I look forward to 3pm when she gets off. The other two guys your awesome keep up the good work.
+2 #2 Punkforlife 2012-06-19 05:21
Oh man i started listening to my fm transmitter once goldie gets on, talks about herself and gym. Wtf, at least blas tells a kool story or sum weird news lol
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