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Monday, January 22, 2018

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Jocks and Stations Alan "Big Al" Warner - WIOU - Kokomo, IN


Alan Warner did the afternoon show on WIOU Kokomo in the mid and late 80's. A very likeable and easy going guy, Big Al was the first to make me feel welcome when I joined the staff down the hall on Top 40 Z93 WZWZ.

WIOU was a full-service news, sports, and information station. Alans show kept him very busy backtiming into 5 different elements every hour. I dont know how he kept track of all of it. It was way too intense for me. In the clip, you'll hear Alan do a live contest and backtime into a live network feed. They make 'em like  Big Al anymore.

Alan has recently returned to WIOU, this time on the sales side of the building. I'm sure everyone is excited to have him back.

This clip is from shortly after I came on board in late 1987.

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